Renowned today as one of the world's most considerable Jewellery design contests, the HRD Design Awards was initiated in 1984 as the 'Antwerp Diamond High Council awards', with the aim of promoting creativity and design excellence in contemporary diamond jewellery in Belgium.

In 1988, the competition became biennial and introduced an innovative approach. The contestants would work their design around a defined theme.

The 2003 edition for the first time was open to candidates from across the world. Today we are proudly launching our 18th edition of this competition.

The HRD Design Awards is a unique prestigious opportunity for talented Jewellery and accessory designers from all across the world. We aim at promoting their creativity in contemporary designs. For the competition, artists will fashion an exclusive creation to highlight their unique artistic ability.

About CIBJO - The World Jewellery Confederation

Describing itself as the “United Nations of the jewellery business,” CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, represents the interests of all individuals, organisations and companies earning their livelihoods from jewellery, gemstones and precious metals. It is the oldest international organization in jewellery sector, having originally been established in 1926. With its membership made up largely by national jewellery trade organizations from more than 40 countries around the world, CIBJO covers the entire jewellery, gemstone and precious metals sectors vertically, from mine to marketplace, and horizontally within each of the component sectors in the various production, manufacturing and trading centres. Most of the international jewellery sector’s leading corporations and service providers are also affiliated to CIBJO through commercial membership.

About Vicenzaoro

VICENZAORO is the largest Show in Europe for the Gold and Jewellery Industry and an authentic Business Hub for the industry, able to bring together the most authoritative players in the gold and jewellery world. A primary access route to the European markets, the Asian markets and the Middle East, it is not only the perfect place in which to develop business and consolidate relations, it is also a privileged observatory for understanding the latest trends in terms of style and design on the gold and jewellery market.