Rules & Regulations (T&C)

The design theme for 2022 is "PEACE – It Starts with You."
The 2022 HRD Design Awards has only 3 categories: 1. Diamond jewellery 2. Coloured stone/ gemstone, including pearls jewellery 3. Accessories (new category)
• Winner - Best Designer (with the highest votes) • Winner – Diamond Category • Winner – Gemstone Category • Winner – Accessory Category (new category) • 1st and 2nd Runner up in each category 1. Winners will be promoted on an international scale by HRD Antwerp via the HRD Antwerp marketing platforms, including social media, press releases and 2. Follow us on for the prize announcement. 3. Prizes will be announced after the submission deadline on
1. The competition is international and open to professional and non-professional designers, students, graduates, teachers, jewellers, goldsmiths, etc. 2. Participation is on an individual basis and not as a company. 3. Participation is free of charge. 4. Manual, CAD designs will be accepted. 5. All designs should be completely rendered (coloured). 6. All designs must be original and not copied. 7. If found to be copied, designs will be disqualified, and participants will not be eligible to continue with the participation. 8. Only one design per category per designer is accepted. 9. If there is any query, please email the team at for further assistance.
1. All participants must register via the designer access tab on 2. HRD Antwerp will accept only one registration per person. 3. It is mandatory to always use the registered email address and URN (Unique Registration Number) for any communication. 4. Registration commences on May 30th at 11:49pm Central European Time (CET). 5. Registration ends on October 15th at 11:45pm Central European Time (CET). 6. Last date for submission of designs is 16th October at 11:45pm Central European Time (CET).
1. Submitted entries must be original designs which have previously not been put on display or commercialised.
2. Designs must be uploaded on with your designer login via the designer access login.
3. If you have not registered, you cannot upload the design.
4. Designs should not exceed the total upload size of 10MB.
5. Designs should be either in PNG, JPG or PDF format.
6. Follow the design guidelines.
7. HRD Antwerp shall disregard any changes to the submitted designs.
8. Participants can submit ONLY 1 design per category.
9. It is not compulsory to submit designs for every category.
10. For example, if you have designed a necklace with diamonds, gemstones and pearls, submit it only under the Gemstone jewellery category.
11. If you have more than 1 page to submit for your design, please ensure to have your design with your URN and design name on page 1. On page 2, mention your inspiration and the technical details of the design. Combine both pages into a single pdf and upload the document.
1. The design, including the accessory category, should contain a minimum total of 1.00 carat of diamonds/ gemstones and a maximum total weight of 25.00 carats. 2. Precious metals or other materials used need to correspond with the aura of the diamonds/ gemstones in the design, including the accessory category. Designers can use new and innovative materials. 3. The use of fancy shapes, fancy colour diamonds, rough diamonds, and rare gemstones should be limited. 4. Designs will be judged according to originality, the creative use of diamonds and technical skill. 5. Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm.) 6. Full colour (RENDERED) 7. Minimum dpi - 100 Maximum dpi - 300 8. Mention the name of the design (if any) on the top right corner of the design in ENGLISH. 9. Mention the URN (Unique Registration Number) received after registration on the bottom right corner of the design. 10. Do not mention your name on the design, as the judging will be based on the URN (Unique Registration Number). 11. Inspiration: Mention or explain in a maximum of 10 lines the source of inspiration for your design based on the theme “PEACE – It Starts with You”. 12. Mention the measurements of the design in mm.
1. The jury members shall select the finalists based on the total number of votes received according to originality (source of inspiration), wearability, manufacturability, technique, and the creative use of diamonds/ gemstones. 2. From these five, the international jury awards the winning jewel. 3. The decision of the jury and its composition is final and not contestable. 4. All designs will be represented by the URN (Unique Registration Number) and judged anonymously. 5. Every jury member will be provided with sufficient time to evaluate the designs. 6. The jury members will only consider the designs receiving a minimum of 4 votes for the next round. 7. The HRD Awards collection remains at the disposal of HRD Antwerp for promotional use worldwide (an extension of this period is always possible). 8. Participants cannot be in direct contact with any jury member. 9. Finalists shall be intimated via email about the results. 10. Information about the winning designs and the designer will be updated on the website by HRD Antwerp during the Grand Finale. 11. For any dispute, participants can contact us at
The winning designs will be manufactured.
The ownership of the design will be entirely with the designer. Submitted designs will only be judged by the jury members.
HRD Antwerp has the right to interpret and/or change the rules.